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Wooden Villa of Urbonai

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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023

In 1925, Pranas and Juze Urbona received a construction permit for a wooden one-story house with an attic. The project was prepared by the famous architect Vaclovas Michnevicius, and the owner took it upon himself to supervise the construction work. In 1926 in the summer, the construction was ordered to be stopped, because the owner began to prepare the third residential floor without permission. However, the house was built with 2.5 floors.

It is a gorgeous villa with an asymmetrical structure with a domed turret, which is typical of the design choice of the architect V. Michnevicius. Both ends of the house have glazed terraces over two floors. The decorated windows and the wide canopies are supported by profiled consoles.

This is one of the most impressive interwar Kaunas wooden villas. This author interpreted historical styles and Art Nouveau forms. The building has remained and is registered in the list of cultural values.

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