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Kaunas' 4Th Primary School

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Due to the lack of suitable premises for primary schools, in the 1930s quite a few new special buildings for this purpose were built in Kaunas. One of these was designed in 1937 on the outskirts of the old town on Nemunas Street. The design of the building was prepared by the architect Stasys Kudokas, who at that time designed several other primary school buildings in Kaunas. The three-story brick building has an irregular L-shaped plan, the longest part of which is on Nemunas Street. The building was equipped with 10 classrooms, which were connected by spacious corridors, there was also a large hall, canteen, and teachers' quarters. The architecture of the building is rational with small geometric decor elements, not too different from other buildings of this purpose built in Kaunas at that time. The facade is divided by narrow vertical windows, and the spaces between them are filled by decorative cylindrical verticals on the first floor and flat vertical vanes on the second and third floors.

The building has preserved its authentic appearance to this day. It currently houses Kaunas Old Town Pro-gymnasium.

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