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Housing for Generations FUX+

Ybbsitz, Austria
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The project presents a conversion of a two family house to a three family house. The clients had the vision of an extended family with different generations living together under one and the same roof. This vision was background to the conversion and extension of an existing building from the seventies. It was the advantage of the conversion, that many assets of the existing building and infrastructure could be used for the benefit of the project. The site of the project is of magnificent location midst the Austrian landscape. The expenses for the purchase and exploration of the site could be saved. The existing building was providing a heating system from biomass same as a small solar plant. Both could be sustained for the use in the converted building. On the other hand side, an accurate project taking account of all the constraints and capacities of the existing structure and situation was mandatory.

As all the stakeholders were coming up with different expectations, views and claims, a special focus was laid on the processes of the design and the communication to achieve gains for all participants and to connect between the generations - to realize the vision of the extended family living together under one and the same roof.In the end, the project integrated modern and traditional qualities to a new design. The interior is characterized by distinguished atmospheres and different zones of openness and privacy. Spaces have been provided for common activities together same as for retirement.

The conversion was built in prefabricated timber with cellulose insulation. By these means the structural fabric could be realized in a short period of less than three weeks. Considering the interior the overall construction period took nine months. Faces and roof are equally cladded with shingles of untreated larch wood. A special emphasis was laid on the use of sustainable materials and collaborations with locals crafts and manufacturers.

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bostjan, July 13th, 2014
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