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Vicente Guallart

Barcelona, Spain
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Architect Vicente Guallart, pioneer of interaction between nature, technology and architecture proposes new paradigms based in urban, social and cultural conditions emerging from information society.

He crosses boundaries through collaborations in geology, sociology, engineering, fabrication, economics, and software design. His projects follow a "natural" logic, referring to components originating in nature, as well as to environmental systems. A logic that connects nature with the transformations of urban spaces, social organizations, and the digital world.

Besides having his own practice, he is the director of the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalunya (IAAC) and is the leading architect of Sociopolis project in Valencia, an innovative housing project for urban and environmental development with projects by international architects.

His most recent and international projects include, among others, The Alborz Gates in Tehran, Fugee Port and Keelung Port.

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Barcelona, Spain
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mariathuroczy, June 6th, 2019
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