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Institutional Prosthesis

Castellon, Spain
1 of 2Design in Daba

Cirugeda collaborated with the Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló (EACC). Curated by Juan de Nieves, it was built as a physical reflection on the uses and availability of the art centre to its surrounding community. It was part of a wider project that Cirugeda did with the EACC, that gained visibility at the end of 2005. The project comprises two cells of 50 sqm that project outwards from the façade towards the square in front. A corridor joining the two rooms runs parallel to the façade, stopping at the terrace adjacent to the building’s offices. Access to the “prosthesis” is completely separate from the centre. The two rooms – which locals call Laurel and Hardy because one is small, the other large – are covered by a skin of black plastic components that are normally used as concrete modules, each pierced by four metallic sticks. The front of these habitable cells is made entirely of glass, making them public or semi-public depending on the occupants’ desire. Cirugeda’s prosthesis has become an iconic image for the centre and a powerful comment on the role of public institutions in the city fabric and, more particularly, the (ab)use of high-tech elements in much of today’s architecture.