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Vienna, Austria
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Heribert Wolfmayr (1973) and Josef Saller (1971) - heri&salli- work on spatial drafts. They work with interventions, bound with surroundings and landscapes which reach their targets in materiality compared with people. By opposites, put into interlinked connections, an architectural idea - as a collection of different substantial barriers and surfaces - reaches its concept and necessity in connection with material, open space and human being. Man as active being always is the reason for possibilities of architectural drafts.


ORF - Art Award (01); Wood Construction Award Salzburg (03); "Forderungspreis" Land Salzburg (04); Nomination "Adolf Loos Staatspreis" (05); "International Design Competition - Tokyo (05); Talent "Forderunspreis" for Architecture Land Upper Austria 2008; "Forderungspreis" of the City of Vienna(09); European 40 under 40 Architects Award(09); Mention Carinthian Wood Construction Award 2011; "Best Digital Exhibition Award" at the 9. International architectural Biennale Sao Paulo 2011


Kunstlerhaus Salzburg (02); MAK - Vienna (03); Kunstlerhaus Wien (04); Architectural Biennale Beijing (04) Gallery Aedes - Berlin (05); Palace of the Republic - Berlin (06); SAM - Basel (07); Archidocumenta / Documenta 12 - Kassel (07); Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castellon (08); afo - Architekturforum OO - Linz (´09); 9. International Architectural Biennale Sao Paulo 2011; East-Centric Architectural Triennale in Bucharest; CANactions Architectural Festival Kiev 2014; 14. Venice Architecture Biennale 2014


Guest Professor (2009/10) space & design strategies - Kunstuniversitat Linz; TU-Wien; TU-Graz; Internationale Sommerakademie fur bildende Kunst - Salzburg; Kunstuniversitat Linz; Universitat fur Angewandte Kunst Wien.

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Vienna, Austria
bostjan, July 11th, 2014
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