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Exit City

Vienna, Austria
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Originally man is confronted with natural landscape in the form of untouched nature. If we start to enter into the question, we surround ourselves with it, be it sort of an appropriation- or in a productive consummating unavoidable way. We assume that man starts to understand nature as a partner, as an essential element. Exit City is a mental project located in the interspace between urban regions and grown nature which enters into the question in what extent nature becomes artificial and can be seen as an artificial creation. It is a project study for the cultural city of Linz 09. This is inevitably the case as soon as man intervenes in the landscape. It's possible to create a consciousness that the rural landscape that grows into the city, as well as the city surroundings as a natural area, don't represent a remaining space regarding the built cubature- it's part of the city. The landscape can be seen as part of a city, like buildings can be seen as bodies. In such a way the city could be enriched with additional space-not always assigned a concrete function, but always increasing the quality of life.

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bostjan, July 17th, 2014
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