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Deployable Emergency Shelter

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Development of a deployable and portable emergency shelter for Mars. Mars surface infrastructure as anticipated for future human missions should include habitation, rover and infrastructure facilities. With regards to potential EVA / science activities and related safety issues to be performed on Mars, an additional crew support element is recommended. The primary feature of such a facility shall be a portable and deployable shelter which can be employed in the event of an emergency requiring immediate action and where return to the base / rover is not possible in time.

Following the selection of prospective emergency scenarios and the definition of design criteria, a series of preliminary designs for an emergency shelter have been developed within an academic design studio at the TU Vienna. A 1:1 prototype has been built and tested during the Morocco Mars Analog Field Simulation in February 2013 as part of an operational evaluation of this deployable and portable multipurpose shelter.

Project Lead: Dr.-Ing. S. Hauplik-Meusburger, DI P. Petrova, DI SH. Lu Vienna TU Wien, HB2Students: Aigner F., Benesch O., Dineff T., Flieger N., Galonja D., Gutscher N., Josipovic K., Karhan N., Kerekretyova Z., Kropatschek T., Mathe R., Milchram Th., Mitrovits M., Mrowetz B., Mulic A., Nanu A., Ohreneder J., Pavlovic T., Rainer K., Reisinger R., Scherz M., Stefan K. , Tica N., Toussaint S., Zodl K.Consultants: S. N. Evetts (Wyle GmbH); Dr. G. Gromer (OEWF), D. Foger (OEWF), DI M. Schultes (experimonde), Dr. Ch. Sivanesan (Nottingham University, EAC)Supported by: RUAG Space, Maritime Wien

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bostjan, July 23rd, 2014
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