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Yellow Heart

Vienna, Austria
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Yellow Heart was an experimental project designed by Haus-Rucker-Co in 1968. The concept evolved from the idea that a concentrated experience of space could offer a direct shift in consciousness. This led to the design and construction of a pneumatic space capsule, the 'Yellow Heart'.


The user traverses the threshold of three air rings to arrive in an inner sphere, with a transparent plastic mattress. The space only provides just enough room for two people. The centre of the spherical space was made up of soft, air-filled chambers. Lying within the chamber users could experience air-filled "pillows", where the swelling sides almost touch the skin. While the surrounding space appeared to expand, forming a translucent sphere and then flowed out again in a reverse motion.

Large dots arranged in a grid on the outer and inner surfaces of the air-shells changed in rhythmic waves from milky patches to a clear pattern. The space pulsated at extended intervals.

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aleeshacallahan, September 6th, 2019
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