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House of Šmidtai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This is one of the first buildings to be built on this small street. Like some of the other houses on this street, this two-story building was designed in 1935 by civil engineer Kazimieras Sienkevicius. It is a three-apartment residential building, the appearance of which intertwines the influence of modernism and historical styles. The asymmetric composition, the corner entrance, complemented by a wide corner balcony with metal railings, simple windows show the influence of modernism. However, small decorative ornaments in the form of flower blossoms, triglyphs and a thick cornice band on the facade are more typical elements of traditional and classical architecture. As a result, compared to other buildings on this street, this one looks more conservative. Therefore, the exterior of the building proves well that although modernism heavily influenced the architecture of Kaunas in the 1930s, the elements of historical styles were not forgotten and were used in the exteriors of some buildings of that time.

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