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Kaunas' Bishop's Palace

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The idea to establish a Bishop's Palace first came up to Kaunas' archbishop Metropolitan Juozapas Skvireckas himself. The palace project was prepared by the architect Karolis Reisonas, with the assistance of the archbishop.

The project also included a chapel, the metropolitan's representative apartment, and the entire curia of the archdiocese. Later on, the vicar general, the church tribunal, the council for the management of church assets, the registry office, and the metropolitans' office was also relocated to the building. Archbishop J. Skvireckas, who commissioned the palace, also marked the building with his title - the main facade of the palace was crowned by a triangular pediment decorated with the archbishop's insignia.

However, the building didn't maintain its original function for long. During the Soviet era, the Faculty of Architecture of the Kaunas Polytechnic Institute operated in the Bishop's Palace. Later it was turned into the J. Naujalis School of Art. In 1990, The archbishop's metropolitan palace was returned to the Kaunas archdiocese and in 1993 the metropolitan curia of the Kaunas archdiocese moved here.

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