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House of Jonas Mazūra

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Evaldas Vilkončius, 2023

This wooden two-story residential building with a mansard was designed in 1929 and built in 1930. The exterior of the building reflects the features of traditionalism and modernity prevalent in Kaunas architecture of that period. As a result, the main facade is rational, but also has features of traditional architecture. The symmetrical facade is emphasized by the vertical central Avant-corps, which houses the main entrance, above which there are vertical staircase window openings, more typical of modern architecture. Small central balconies with metal railings and wide windows on the first floor also add modernity to the facade. The corners are accentuated by lateral Avant-corps with small bay windows and tall pediments. The building is given decorativeness by the wooden ornamental decor elements on the bay windows, typical of traditional architecture. Inside were several apartments that were rented out. The function and appearance of the building are unchanged.

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