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Brutalism, Barbican, Mosaic, Social Architecture, Louise Lemoine, Ila Bêka, Stories, Creative Exchange, Future Architecture Platform

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February 2019 – October 2019



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Czech Republic

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January 10th, 2020

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Imagination and Conception

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Mosaic of fictional reports covering experiences and stories by imaginary users of the selected architectural projects from Future Architecture Creative Exchange

How would the future life turn out, were the submitted projects made real? Partly inspired by the unconventional and personal approach of filmmakers Bêka & Lemoine (or Pamuk’s My Name Is Red), we will create a series of multi-perspective and multi-format narratives; fictional reports forming an impressionistic, phenomenological mosaic of personal stories by imaginary users of the specific architecture. Giving them a voice, we would capture the sense of space and experience of life that the architecture allows for. Various forms and genres would be used, both subjective and objective, lyric and epic, human and other (in)animate objects: a diary, a haiku, an interview, a stream of consciousness, a news report, a short (screen)play; whatever the nature of the project calls for.
With the recent wave of reflection on social projects (as for example brutalist constructions) of the post-WWII Europe, we realise how transformative ideas can fall into public delusion or become a popular part of the urban landscape (e.g.: Pruitt-Igoe or Thamesmead vs. Sirius or Barbican). We believe this past is a useful tool when constructing new futures and want to consider this while imagining the everyday life of people who will actually live in the materialised ideas.

The project is part of the dpr-barcelona Writing Grant.


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