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Lucie Kohoutova

Prague, Czechia
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Lucie Kohoutova by Jakub Smakal

MSc. in Media Studies. Communication professional, natural wine expert and architectural promoter who publishes articles on the connection of food, wine and architecture, both in various magazines and on her own Brut & Brut website.

Her interest in architecture probably stems from her grandma's mainstream home decoration magazines and 1992 IKEA book on interior design, which Lucie browsed through her entire childhood. It led to her first architectural drawing, a school task called "My dream house", which was so big the ambitious 8-year-old had to glue four sheets of paper together. Despite looking like McMansion on steroids (check those bice- eh, balustrades), it won the first prize and probably set off a lifetime interest in walls and the great things one can do with them.

To everyone's relief, her architectural taste has short after evolved towards more pure, modernist and brutalist forms. This strong followship of the church of concrete has recently taken form of website dedicated to the augmented pleasure of combining raw concrete and raw (natural) wines in global metropoleis. The intersections of dining and architecture / urbanism / public life are indeed at the center of her interest, soon to be inspected further with Lucie's other projects, including a wine pop-up named Druzstvo that she runs with 5 fellow wine geeks. Lucie is therefore envious of Carolyn Steel for coining the term food urbanist, but tries to cover it with respect for the academic's strong ideas on how food shapes our urban/landscapes - and how can society benefit from it if done properly.

Lucie also nurtures a special admiration for the architecture of mourning and the calm transcending power of its best examples. As such, she hopes to build one herself, one day. Till then, her all time favourite tomb is located in Northern Italy, designed by Carlo Scarpa for the Brion family and using only good things: concrete, simplicity, water and koi carp. Her current dream house is a mashup of Tadao Ando designing a Japanese shrine on New South Wales coast, throwing Pipilotti Rist's living room, Unite de habitation roof (pool included, kindergarten excluded) and the Rose Seidler House in the mix. Although the last ingredient might change with the next modernist gem she manages to get into.

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Prague, Czechia
freitaghahn, January 16th, 2020
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