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Culture Territories Team

Warsaw, Poland
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As a diverse, multidisciplinary team Cultural territories perceive architecture as culturally active space, which flourishes when it receives care and attention and it fades away while being neglected. They work with buildings which represent quality but underperforming architecture, while being forgotten, abandoned or simply excluded from local community.

Cultural territories - People

Hani Rani is pianist, composer and arranger. She lives between Warsaw and Berlin. Awarded in music contests as Instant Composition Contest during Transatlantic Festival in Łódź or International Piano Competition „Chopin-Roma” in Rome. For the last four years she has been creating her own music, holding as her aim crossing boundaries of styles and genres, mixing classical instruments with modern spirit. Since then, she has authored many projects, such new arrangements of Henry Purcell’s songs for voice and piano, the Dowland Project for string quartet, soprano and countertenor or the newest “Prelude and Fugue for 3 Acoustics”. In 2015 was released her debut album “The White Flag”, recorded with cellist - Dobrawa Czocher.

Adrian Krężlik is an architect, parametric designer and university lecturer. He worked on large scale projects in China, USA and Saudi Arabia for Zaha Hadid Architects, FR-EE Fernando Romero and Rojkind Arquitectos in Mexico. In his work he focuses on applying digital strategies in design and construction processes. He is an active and dedicated player across the parametric scene. In 2016 he moved to Berlin and co-founded Parametric Support.

Natalia Kobylińska is a filmmaker and an architecture student in Warsaw. As the ‘Landing on the Coffee Bean’ on location film studio, she uses cinematographic and visual means to promote creative people and outstanding ideas around the world. She collaborated with individuals from artistic and architectural backgrounds, as well as independent entrepreneurs or innovative social network platforms e.g. Worldpackers.

Jakub Andrzejewski is an architecture student in Warsaw. He works in Maciej’s Siuda architectural office. Before he gathered experience while working with Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on exhibitions and workshops.

Agnieszka Kołacińska is an architecture student in Warsaw. Her main interests are modern art, history and social aspects of architecture. Currently working for Marcin Kwietowicz, mainly designing exhibition interiors. Before collaborated with Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as an educator, preparing workshops for adults and children.

Łukasz Pałczyński is a founder of Culture Territories and an architecture student in Warsaw, carpenter, graphic designer. He has worked as a drafting teacher and an educator in kindergarden within children architectural education programme.

Warsaw, Poland
Bostjan, March 6th, 2017