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The Culture Territories

Warsaw, Poland
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Second installation: 3D printed elements in parametric dome

Culture Territories exposes the potential of the unattractive but architecturally outstanding places and bring them back into local consciousness. They find places, perform cultural interventions in them and organize an event, such as concert or an exhibition which stand for a frame for their actions.

The intervention have a temporary, on-spot and non-invasive character, which is implemented in workshops format. The aim is to invite different architects for every intervention so that they can help finding best direction for building's renovation. Artistic and architectural installations focus on characteristic elements of the building or space that they work in.

The goal is to reestablish places like the orthodox church of The Dormition of the Virgin Mary in Baligrod (Poland). Performed acupuncture activities encourage movements to come. They lead to development of aesthetic sense among local citizens through an opportunity of meeting between city and country, new and old, technological progress and tradition.

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bostjan, December 22nd, 2017
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