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Assembling Narratives

River Evros, Greece
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Setting as a starting point the act of migrating, this project is suggesting that living in sympathy with human activity, and the transformations that are evoked in natural and artificial elements, a new form of ever-changing territory could arise. The project premises lie in the reality of dissolving the artificial polarities between the human and the non-human, the natural and the artificial, the indigenous and the foreign, the stabilised and the nomadic.

River Evros is chosen, as a natural ever-changing element perceived to either separate or join Greece and Turkey. Flood is studied as a generator of notional and tactile connections. It is challenging the role of architecture as a mediator between matter and fact, capable of orchestrating the emergence new ecologies, be it social and/or environmental. Experimenting with the mycelium growth of the river and programmed drowns the artificial barrier of the here and there could be potentially bridged, revealing a spatiotemporal continuum and prompting alternatives to the geopolitical issue.

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bostjan, March 11th, 2017
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