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Live Love Arch

Karlsruhe, Germany
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A set of nine lectures to talk about the powerful potentials of architecture. A set of nine positions towards the current production of architecture. A set of nine invited guests from all over Europe trying to unlock new potentials and methods. A set of possible exit strategies due to actual restrictions. A set of fresh, radical and optimistic approaches towards (un-) built environment and its future challenges. A set trying to enforce and establish a methodic optimism.

Lecture series were presented at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)/ Departement of Architecture and organized by Florian Bengert and Maximilian Goes.

Architecture. What is this nowadays? Why do we still do it anyway? Who or what is in this term inscribed? It incorporates several influences, a variety of styles and there are even more personal opinions on this matter. But all of them have something in common: whether good or bad, we are talking about built environment.

Over the period of our studies we have learned to love architecture. Future students should also learn to love it here in Karlsruhe or elsewhere. To initiate this process we would like to pose our guests a couple of questions: do you love architecture? If yes, why? What do you love on it? We would like to know: why do you still do it? What motivates you on it? And where does the daily motivation come from, even when building regulations become more and more severe and architecture's own development is narrowed through stipulations and contingencies?

LIVE LOVE ARCH should rediscover the love towards the built environment and expose potentials upon its future challenges. What is it, that fascinates us as architects in architecture? What do we love in it and what should especially people outside the discipline see in it? Who if not us from our current professional situation should be capable of formulating these questions and at the same time answer them in a self-critical way?

Lectures by Modulorbeat (Munster), Something Fantastic (Berlin), falaatelier (Porto), 1024architecture (Paris), BeL - Sozietat fur Architektur (Koln), Numen/For Use (Berlin/Wien/Zagreb), Dogma (Brussel), Atelier Kempe Thill (Rotterdam), Gramazio Kohler Research ETH (Zurich).

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bostjan, February 22nd, 2017
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