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Farewell Michael Sorkin

Farewell Michael Sorkin

He was a distinguished professor and director of the urban design program at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York City. 

“First time I met you in your office, I was in my early 20s, scared and anxious that I was going to see you in person. You welcomed me humbled, wearing your socks in your office, with a big warm smile. My English was broken and I was nervous. It was winter in NYC and was snowing. We talked about Athens and NY, the dense urban blocks and your drawings. You showed me your models in your office. How excited you were for the coming Urban Design Program. After some time I felt that I have been known you forever. I was excited, happy and couldn’t wait to be part of your studio. In the end you told me: “Go out and play with the snow! NY is so beautiful when it snows!”

New York is not going to be the same anymore Michael. Your light, your brilliance, your generosity, your boldness, your pure excitement for everything beautiful around you, your sense of humour and your fight against the injustice..everything you represented will guide and inspire so many people. Students, practitioners, professionals and friends. So many people that you generously shared the gift of friendship, helped and listened to them. Influenced their ideals and their view towards the world through your vision. And I am humbled and extremely grateful in my life to be one of them. You were a true mentor and a friend.”

- Christina Serifi