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Villa Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Ooze Architects was commissioned to carry out the conversion of this detached Rotterdam house. The house had been extended several times since its first construction, resulting in highly inefficient and unusable interior spaces, and a disconnection from the stunning natural context of the house. Ooze translated the owners desire to address these issues, and recycle the 'soul' of the house, by transforming it in an unusual way. The pre-defined maximum envelope of the house (from the zoning plan) formed the guideline for a new skin that wraps around the old house and shapes new spaces for inhabitation. Beyond style or architectural aesthetic, the aim was to engage in a process of rediscovery of the vernacular, to introduce a dialogue between the old and preserved and the new, and to explore a new language which reinterprets the old.

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aleeshacallahan, November 27th, 2017
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