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Lodovica Guarnieri

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Lodovica is a researcher and designer working at the intersection between design, history and politics. Her practice-based research unfolds the connections between culture and economy and employs design as means for both analysis and aesthetic elaboration. Lodovica's works merge documentary and poetry to unveil hidden power relationships within our built environment and deploy different media to create spatial, visual and performative storytellings.

Lodovica's works (UN)just Peace and Green Offshores were recently exhibited at Stroom Den Haag. She worked as researcher and assistant curator for the exhibition The Way Beyond Art currently on show at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, and as curatorial research assistant for Manifesta 12, where she particularly followed Viva Menilicchi! the project from Italian writer Wu Ming2 addressing the colonial and fascist legacy of Palermo. Besides her work she is attending the MA in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths University of London where she is researching on the architecture of frequencies and electromagnetism as infrastructures of both religious and military domination. Lodovica holds an MA in Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and a BA from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands
lodovicaguarnieri, January 29th, 2019
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