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Re-using City

Genoa, Italy
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Giardini Baltimora are one of the examples of public spaces in Genova that are not used anymore by citizens. This place could be renovated in the perspective of being used also as a water square; normally it is a usual public green space, but planned to collect water during heavy raining avoiding disasters caused by floods and allowing to reuse water for example to irrigate the park itself.

Water-squares is a method of redevelopment of public spaces that allow to save water avoiding the danger of floods. Today human kind has realized the real importance of raw materials; using them rationally is possible and deserved to preserve our planet and improve living conditions of everybody. Space is one important raw material: avoidind to waste it, finding solution for cities that are collapsing without employing new supplies but giving new functionality to obsolete spaces is essential for a reasonable organization.

Water-squares are one of the examples of areas reused in a logic of redevelopment and securing for population centers; public spaces that are just empty spaces, not used anymore or degraded, can have a new life being designed to be aggregational areas. In sunny days people could spend their free time there making different activities, while in rainy days they become a basin for collecting and decanting waters, to manage the flow in the sewage system avoiding the overload and with the possibility of reusing rain water, another important resource, for sanitary and irrigation uses.

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bostjan, February 18th, 2018
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