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Michiel Brinkman

, Netherlands
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Michiel Brinkman was a Dutch architect and founder of an architectural firm in Rotterdam. Later this office would acquire international fame by its successors JA Brinkman, LC van der Vlugt , JH van den Broek and Jaap Bakema.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Applied Sciences at Henri Evers , Brinkman worked until 1910 at Barend Hooijkaas Jr. architectural firm , and later started his own office. In 1908-1909, Brinkman and Hooijkaas built the Society, now the National Monument of the Royal Rowing and Sailing Association 'De Maas' at the Veerhaven.

Brinkman worked mainly in Rotterdam. In 1922 has made a reputation with the design of the residential building 'Justus van Effen Complex'. He also designed factories, offices, warehouses (such as the Fisheries Warehouse for the Doggerma Society at the Queen Wilhelminahaven in Vlaardingen), residential complexes and villas. Although Brinkman has followed a classical education, he in his work makes the first moves towards the 'New Build', which would make his successors envious.

From 1913-1915, Brinkman designed the De Maas steam mill at Maashaven . In the final phase, it was designed as architect firm Brinkman & van der Vlugt. In 1916 the factory was bought over by the grain processing company Meneba.

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, Netherlands
lchiselef, January 16th, 2018
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