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Avatar Architettura

Florence, Italy
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Avatar Architettura is multy-disciplinary italian office for architecture and industrial design founded by Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei. It is an office with over ten years of experience in design services, strengthened it's professionalism in guaranteeing environmental mainstreaming for all developed projects from concept to final realization. In order to ensure the highest environmental and economic performances of its projects works in partnership with the think-tank IHDNETWORK, a group of Natural Resource Management and Green Technology practitioners and academics working worldwide in the field of Environmental management under the direction of its founder, Jacopo Monzini.

The office's work is been published and shown internationally at three venice Biennales, at The 1st Architectural Biennial Beijing China 2004, at 9th Venice Biennale 2004, at Festival Architecture Vives/Paris France 2004, at Biennale Internazionale Design S. Etienne-France 2006, at 5° Biennale Architecture Brasilia Brasil 2006. It is one of the twenty Italian Architects selected to participate at Italian Pavillion at 10° Venice Architecture Biennale 2006 (with the contribution of Yona Friedman). Nicola Santini holds Academic Degree and a Phd in Architecture and Urban Design, teaches architectural design at several american Universities in Italy and abroad and he runs workshops and gives lectures in Rome, Paris, Bogota, Wien, Beirut. Pier Paolo Taddei is the director of 22a22 a multitasking coworking space for architecture, design, fashion and art and he is the director of Re-Value project for Poltronova.

They cooperate with Peter T. Lang for the "Elasticity" projects, with Jelena Zanchi for croatian projects and with Charbel Maskineh for Middle East projects.

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Florence, Italy
bostjan, August 29th, 2014
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