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Genoa, Italy
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CIRCOLO-A has been founded in 2015 in Genoa, Italy, by Simone Ierardi, Gabriele Molinelli and Valentina Penna. The office is involved in everything concerning architecture, design and landscape, focusing on sustainability and quality at all levels: each work, from interior to housing and public spaces design, is the result of observation, research and experimentation. The aim is always improving the quality of life through beauty and functionality, with a careful eye to the environment and to details. CIRCOLO-A grows up also collaborating with professionals from different backgrounds and fields, and investigating new possibilities of transforming spaces with workshops and exhibitions (Doesn't take that much, Genoa-Rotterdam 2015). The study deal with both local experiences and international realities, taking also part to several competitions like AAA architetticercasi 2015 (EPICICLO, 1st prize), MH-17 memorial (THE INVISIBLE LINE, selected among the top 50), Europan 13 and many more.

Genoa, Italy