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Vapor House

Mamaia, Romania
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The "Vapor House" in Mamaia was built as a nautical and sports resort built by the Society for rescuing the shipwrecked people in the Romanian territorial waters called "Salvamar" (Lifeguard), on the shore of Lake Siutghiol in 1935.

The building was also a special function of providing various events organized by Lifeguard Society. Could often host various festivities. In the evening, through the service offer it even functioned as a private club. The logistics base of the training area was well represented.

Following some repair works in 1960, the building's structural strength was affected, a severe degradation occurred and the building was not rebuilt in the original form (it was atypical to the look of Mamaia resort that was just under construction).

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lchiselef, February 2nd, 2018
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