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Harry Goldstein

Constanta, Bucharest, Romania
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Harry Goldstein as Horia Maicu, a renowned Romanian architect, of Jewish origin, whose name, prior to Romanization, was Harry Goldstein. He was the most prolific architect of Constanta City, until the establishment of Communism, activating here between 1931 and 1940. He was the author of numerous art deco styles such as Hotel Carlton (renamed Continental Hotel) and the Mediterranean, Vila Leon. There is little data on the work of Harry Goldstein in the early 1940s. He seems to have left Constanta for Bucharest in 1940. The war period was undoubtedly a difficult one given the Jewish origin of the architect. Even before the legionary crimes, the deportations in Transnistria and the Holocaust, racial laws were adopted in 1938 by the Octavian Goga government, and 1940 by the cabinet headed by Ion Gigurtu.He is the author (together with Nicolae Cucu) of the Monument of the Heroes of the Struggle for the Freedom of the People and the Homeland, for Socialism in Bucharest. He was also one of the authors of the Scania House (today the House of the Free Press), the Palace Hall, the National Theater. He was a professor and architect of the Capital.Horia Maicu, then the architect chief of the city, together with Prof. Arch. Romeo Belea (Chief of Complex Project) and Prof. Nicolae Cucu, designed and built between 1963 and 1977 the National Theater in Bucharest.In his memoirs, "Architect under Communism," Ion Mircea Enescu states that at the National Theater, Horia Maicu was nominated as the chief architect of the city, although everyone knew that the authors were those of Romeo Belea's group.

Constanta, Bucharest, Romania