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Anghel Saligny Silos

Constanta, Romania
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The Anghel Saligny silos are an ensemble of historical monuments located on the territory of Constanta. The silos built between 1904-1909 and 1912-1915 by engineer Anghel Saligny are located at berths 17-18 of the Constanta Port, 45 meters high and 30,000 tons each.

The silos were designed by Anghel Saligny according to the plans of the architect Petre Antonescu. The initial project provided for the construction of 5 buildings: 4 silos and a grain dryer. Finally, only 3 silos and dryer were built. The buildings are made of brick and metal structure. The neoclassical elements on the facades as well as the general appearance are strongly inspired by the US architecture of those times.

According to Anghel Saligny, each silo comprises 250 reinforced concrete compartments with a total capacity of approx. 30,000 tons of cereals and a flow of 125 tons per hour on receipt and 200 tons per hour upon delivery. Saligny succeeded in designing a technology whereby silos could be loaded and downloaded at the same time. The large number of compartments and their smaller diameter make the grain, barley, corn, etc. at the time of loading the silo, not crushed at the impact with the walls or during storage by pressing against the walls of the silo.

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lchiselef, February 2nd, 2018
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