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Continental Hotel

Constanta, Romania
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Between 1918 and 1939 was planned the construction of the Continental hotel, which subsequently shall accommodate hundreds of tourists coming to Constanta. The Continental Hotel consisted of two unified buildings, the old massive building, and a block building on Tomis Boulevard. This last section was built instead of the original Continental Hotel. During the Second World War, the hotel was called Carlton, after 1947 was renamed into Proletarian and then Republica Hotel. During the 1970s got name Continental.

The Proletarian Hotel (the old Continental) had been dismantled and was demolished to make the junction with the new four-storey section to be built on Bd Tomis. In 1977 was the great earthquake, which seriously damaged Hotel Continental, eventually turning it into a ruin. So this is the real reason for the demolition of the Continental Hotel, as well as the reason why other buildings were demolished in the historical center of Constanta (this until 1980-1990).

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lchiselef, February 2nd, 2018
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