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Urban Homework for Europe

Madrid, Spain
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This project embraces the challenge of taking care of the older city. Today, all the European countries are facing this problem. However, the approach is yet done with outdated logics and urban tools. An expansion of the rehabilitation protocol will be achieved understanding that reproducing rigid structures only matching today's higher standards will not regenerate perishing urban fabrics. The health of urban tissues has to do with the strength of the social structure that architecture creates. When architecture for various reasons operates under the misconceive that social life is not to be designed we only have to let time speak.

One of the most virulent periods in the growth of our european cities were the developmentalism decades with the exodus from the countryside towards the cities in the seek of a better life. The architectural spirit was the Modernism and its belief of the No-Place. Thus emerged hundreds of dormitory neighborhoods and today this tissues are degrading in the middle of our cities all over Europe.

It is believed that architecture can turn a problem into an opportunity. Resolving and rehabilitating degrading tissues while implementing a new DNA that will introduce domesticity back to the cities as it makes them updatable towards the constant evolution of society.