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Scenographies of Power: from the State of Exception to the Spaces of Exception

Madrid, Spain
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This exhibition proposes a reflection on the spaces that materialize the "state of exception" and that are representative of power structures of today's globalized world. In doing so, this exhibition aspires to claim the spatial articulations that make possible to institute and enforce the state of exception as a tool of power wielded by the contemporary political apparatus. The itinerary proposed in Scenographies of Power - that pierces through the diplomatic space, the airport, contested borders and court process; reveals how in the spatial materializations of the exception, the aesthetic becomes political. These spaces of exception are interrogated by the different artists, who work with that which takes places in them, using disruptive propositions to critically represent, record or reactivate them to allow alternative readings of the political framework that hosts each of them.

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maitexublp2, February 6th, 2018
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