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Plan of Recovery of Underground Spaces of Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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The aim of the project is an approach on how to work with heritage in the city. The general strategy is to recover the existing latent space of the city (Madrid), understanding those spaces as an infrastructure. Setting up a strategy that will reflect the origin and evolution of the city.

The project sets a plan, understanding those spaces as a given and using them to set up a new entity. The idea of the palimpsest is crucial and how the different layers of the history are revealed. The project works on how to reflect the lost reality of the city, operating on existing spaces and proposing new strategies of intervention. A project that is also understood as a review of the historical construction technics, using them as a tool.

The project proposes the understanding of the given heritage in a holistic way where the heritage has to be merged with the new proposed urban space.

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juliogotor, February 12th, 2019
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