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Tourist Information Centre Postojna

Postojna, Slovenia
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The design concept reflects current spatial and traffic arrangements on the site of a former petrol station. Located on the very south part of the area, the programme belt enables the stringing of diversely designed closed and open environments and ambiences. An entry park with areas for relaxation is planned by the driveway to the rest stop, leading to a parking lot for 10 cars. The building has a cross laminated timber/steel structure and a wooden facade and interior elements. The transparent retail gallery area is flexible and enables moving around equipment elements or exhibits.

The emphasized unified area that runs from the facade to the roofing, canopy and landmark is a spatial attractor, employing its form to economically merge various functions into a recognizable architectural prototype, which can adapt to diverse edge conditions. The building is designed in line with the principles of sustainable construction its form and orientation.

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bostjan, April 22nd, 2015
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