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Begunje, Slovenia
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The summerhouse Brezjanka or Murka is Plecnik's work in Begunje. Six crude wooden trunks support the roof of an open shed which is covered with concrete tiles. The floor is ornamented with pebble, brick and ceramics mosaics. On the middle column there used to be Mary's statue. In the original design the Murka pavilion resembles a classical antique temple and the use of crude wooden trunks goes further back in the history - in the time of first simple dwellings.

Prof. Ales Vodopivec said that "With Murka Brezjanka Plecnik advanced his own hypothesis of an architectural prototype. It is a very liberal and poetic interpretation of a rustic hut with which, in a way similar to Henri Laugier's, he defined architectural beauty as a consequence of the honesty of a construction. In this way he managed to define architecture as an "autonomous" art in the Slovene environment."

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bostjan, October 21st, 2017
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