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Kindergarten Pedenjped

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The circular form of the kindergarten with the inner atrium is the answer to the noisy and traffic location along the railway track and the nearby road. The open-air atrium is the heart of the building − an outdoor living room, around which all the rooms and spaces are positioned in a fan like way. On the south side there are eight playrooms, followed by sports/multipurpose area on the west and administrative quarter on the east. On the north side there is a central kitchen, serving also other kindergarten units in the neighborhood. All the rooms are connected with an inner circular space, which is intended for play and circulation. It features "active didactic walls" - blackboard, abacus wall, throw ball wall, ABC puzzle, dots puzzle and a green wall for growing plants and spices.

The kindergarten is at the same time an introverted and extroverted building. The duality is reflected in its spatial design, since all spaces turn outwards, while at the same time maintaining a visual connection with the atrium. Duality is also reflected in the perception of a child - the exterior with a green "Robinson" playground represents the "big world", while the atrium the "smaller" and more homely one. This is emphasized by the roof, which is slightly inclined towards the atrium.One of the important features of the design is the openness of the educational environment - all the spaces are equally and visually accessible to children, parents and kindergarten staff. It encourages children to understand the life cycle, which, in addition to learning and playing, are also day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, growing vegetables.

The playrooms are organized in pairs, sharing a bathroom in the middle. Some playrooms have sliding walls between them, which allow for enlargement of play space and socialization of children from different groups. The kindergarten is built in wood that forms the structure, facade and furniture. The underground parts where shelter, technical rooms and central laundry are located is built in concrete. The facade of the inner atrium is set eccentrically to get bigger shadow on south part and at the same time more space infront of playrooms. The green roofing of the sedum contributes to a pleasant climate in the interior and exterior of the kindergarten.

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bostjan, September 6th, 2018
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