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Hotel Prisank

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
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Hotel Prisank

Hotel Prisank, located in Kranjska gora, was one of the fist and best examples of slovenian architetural regionalism. It consciously uses basic archetypal elements and artistic principles, which correspond to natural enviroment around the site. This was in the period of new sensibility which arose in the 1960s as the antithesis of technological internationalism. In this example, it is a modernist treatment of traditional elements of architecture - the roof and materials - wood. The assertion of regionalism in Slovenia is also connected with the notion of civilizations of leisure or with the assertion of tourism for larger masses.

Hotel Prisank is, unlike city hotels, characterized by the horizontal composition of a two-storey sleeping tract with its core moved to the side. The hotel's diverse volume sophisticatedly follows the landscape features of the natural hinterland. With its spatial interpretation trying to maintain and direct the view of the mountains in the background. It is designed in three parts: from two two-storey hotel tracts, which are later the size of the volume refers to the existing farmhouse on the edge of the field and a ground-floor restaurant that opens to century-old beeches. In such a volumetric sequence, all three parts consist of a functional and artistic plastic composition that has also adapted well to village enviroment.

The restaurant creates an intimate outdoor space with its low and varied roof. Exposed wooden element on the facade of the restaurant emphasizes the floating roof motif that connects volumes into a whole. The kitchen is located in the center of the restaurant. The dining room, cafe and the bar get as much natural light as possible and overlook to Razor and Prisank. The construction is partly concrete, partly wooden. The sleeping area is made out of concrete blocks. The facade is lined wooden panelling, arranged in vertical strips. The concrete is exposed and shot-blasted in places. Sand from Pisnica was used as a main ingredient. The entire interior, including the chairs, was designed by the architect. Everything is in light tones of natural wood, except for the lights and seats, which were red.

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bostjan, December 6th, 2020
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