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Dobrava Floating Roof

Dobrava, Slovenia
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Jugovec's subtle towards nature, history (archaeology), tradition and construction is perhaps most clearly expressed in his smallest and simplest of projects - the protection building for Archaeological Findings of the Gutenwerth medieval settlement at Otok Pri Dobravi, the region of Dolenjska.

The purified and clear concept of the building is the reduction of shelter to its very minimum, symbolized by the roof. The field and the ruins of the old church remain almost intact. The old walls are sunk below the ground level. Two columns, representing the point of contact between the roof and the ground, bear a wooden pole construction with steel diagonals, supporting the slender construction of a thatched roof. This extremely minimal construction is a modern, authorial and innovative reinterpretation of the structure of a hayrack. On a symbolic level, the use of the archetype of roof and interpretation of the structure of the hayrack demonstrate the meaning of that which is sheltered beneath. Because of its extreme minimalism, the theme of evoquing the oneiric essence of the site together with the inescapable materiality of the building found one of its strongest expressions in Otok.

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bostjan, June 5th, 2014
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