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The Urban Scanners

Aarhus, Denmark
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TUY Aarhus (Lab): Exploring space through the measure, movement, gesture, and rituals of our bodies.

The Urban Scanners is a participatory sensory-oriented method for analyzing space reinforcing individual's spatial sensuousness. It seeks a new, engaged role for architecture as a pragmatic, intellectual discipline, whose primary function is not just to provide shape, but to interpret the fundamental laws that govern dynamic reality. In the first stage of the process we dismantle our bodies in sensory units, connecting to space through smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. In the second stage we put them back together and expose ourselves to the city with the newly established spatial awareness. This embodied knowledge integrates qualities, which cannot be found on any map or a plan and leads towards solving creative tasks in an engaging and innovative way.

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bostjan, November 29th, 2016
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