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Afro-Futures in European Enclaves

Aalborg, Denmark
1 of 4Future architecture platform

A book collection mapping the role of care labor in the Afropolitan imprint within European cities. What about an African migrant, diasporic, or displaced person who ended up in European cities. What about their place? The answer here is Care. Diasporic cultures of African descent in Europe activate the African paradigm of emotions as a capital; care labor drives architecture. In this collection, we declare our appreciation of such labor by recognizing its spatial products and telling their stories.

What about plastic chairs by a Congolese shop in Antwerp? They are arranged in a manner that embraces black bodies. How about the Morrocan mother in Bonn who zones the neighborhood by organizing where her offspring live, benefiting from her care labor. How about black people protesting systemic racism in Bristol, their toppling off racist status and statues, and reshaping public spaces. This proposal is a call for stories, past, present, and future imaginations: visual and textual entries concerned with spaces and objects that rely on care labor and represent Afro-European.