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The Funambulist Magazine

Paris, France
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The Funambulist Magazine is a printed and digital publication published once every two months. Started in September 2015, it operates in parallel of the blog The Funambulist (started in 2010) and its podcast, Archipelago (started in 2013) that has published more than 110 conversations with thinkers/creators of the world for the last three years. As the magazine's subtitle, "Politics of Space and Bodies," suggests, this publication is dedicated to examine the political relationships between the designed/built environment and bodies. In doing so, it attempts to construct bridges between the disciplines of design, those of the humanities and post colonial studies, as well as the world of political activism. In July 2016, its sixth issue was published, concluding the first year of the magazine that successively investigated "Militarized Cities," "Suburban Geographies," "Clothing Politics," "Carceral Environments," "Design & Racism," and "Object Politics."

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bostjan, December 22nd, 2017
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