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Festival Meetings Pavilion and Cormor Park

Udine, Italy
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The Cormor Park in the northeastern city of Udine was completed in a period of renewed optimism for Italian architecture. The area had been previously reduced to an illegal dumping site and its recovery was led by the Friuli architect Roberto Pirzio-Biroli who, through the study of historical maps and original documents, identified the remaining natural traces of this urban periphery and reinterprets them with sensitivity, restoring the landscape through soil conservation and reforestation. Shaping the terrain, Pirzio-Biroli created embankments and lookouts, cliffs and woods, roads and pedestrian paths. Inspired by the work of Heinrich Tessenow, the architect marked the entrance to the park with a pavilion to accommodate small events and the caretaker's house. The design contrasts a forest of slender steel columns topped by a light cover against the verticality of the poplar grove beyond. The resulting space is a contrast through which to view the landscape. It is a project met with international acclaim for its both environmental as much as economic approach, and is praised for its attention to the visitor's experience.

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bostjan, January 6th, 2017
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