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Linear Park

Caltagirone/San Michele Di Ganzaria, Italy
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In the heart of Sicily, between Caltagirone and San Michele di Ganzaria, a 35 kilometer stretch of an old decommissioned railway is redesigned into linear cycle park. Thus turning the ruin into a light infrastructure for leisure, tourism and the new organic agriculture. The design is by Marco Navarra, an architect native to the area who, in addition to studying abroad regularly participates in international design competitions and engages with the international design community. His project utilizes the historical evidence left by a local railway interwoven with ancient landscapes including a prehistoric necropolis, 18th-century farmhouses and a Roman villa. These become episodes of the cycle route. Trees, plants, slender metal structures and colored flooring to compose a simple and sensitive narrative, previous structures to turn them into venues for events, shops, food stands and bicycle shelters. In 2003, the linear park receives Gold Medal for Italian Architecture for the debut and is also nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award. However ultimately, the project has fallen victim to neglect and vandalism, and these color the current state of the park.

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bostjan, January 6th, 2017
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