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Skopje - Beyond The Obvious

Skopje, North Macedonia
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The city of Skopje forms a complex agglomeration torn between pathos, social conflicts, natural catastrophes, attempts of modernist urban planning as well as economical and structural weaknesses, all of which need to be reassembled and interconnected in a new context in order to regain an own expression of its identity.

Our work defines itself as the reconstruction of our approach towards Skopje, beginning with foray through the city, portraying and scrutinizing it in order to respond to the city's demands by carrying out typological and morphological studies. Instead of criticizing obvious weaknesses we propose to demonstrate alternate approaches, which can be derived by the examination of the city's organism itself.

Our research results form the base for an urban strategy and its manifestation in form of a masterplan. Taking a closer look at our work it might become clear that we also made a declaration of love for the city of Skopje, our experiences during our observations, but also for the beauty of urbanism itself, which has accompanied us through the years and still continues to have a huge impact on our work and lives.

We believe that our contribution for Skopje states an example for dealing with many European agglomerations, because it describes and labels processes, economical and political tendencies, segregation (which does not necessarily need to be seen in an exclusively ethnical way - it can also describe the disparity of incomes, access to the labour market as well as to education...), and the structural manifestations coming along with them. Skopje becomes the reconection of many phenomena we are actually dealing with in our daily lives.

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bostjan, July 20th, 2016
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