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Schwams House

Cambidge, United Kingdom
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Timber framed house on concrete raft with concrete boiler room to west end. Horizontal weatherboard cladding has two storey and roof obsevatory. An example of Modern Movement style.

"The rebuilding of cities, the demolition of slums, and a better life for all were goals of many young women architects in the 1930s. Coinciding with their experience and interests, modernism offered design opportunities in social architecture, while its association with social reform and its rejection of past styles easily conflated in the minds of left-wing architects who favoured a clean sweep politically and socially as well as aesthetically.... designs and projects for working class housing and other social architecture were made by Justin Blanco White, Mary Crowley, and Aileen Tatton Brown and women associated with the MARS Group and the Housing Centre."

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bostjan, January 24th, 2017
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