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St Peters Seminary

Cardross, United Kingdom
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St Peter's Seminary an abandoned building which formerly housed a roman catholic seminary. It was built to become a new headquarters for the Catholic college because the former seminary building had been severely damaged in a fire. The new seminary surrounds a Victorian mansion that was incorporated into the design of the building. The mansion was a professorial accommodation. The new modernist complex consists of the main block, convent block, a sanctuary block and a classroom block. Some of the buildings' features were terraced rooms, a Processional ramp, windows inspired by Notre Dame du Haut and an altar in the seminary. The new building had a capacity of 100 students. In 1980 the building was no longer a home to the seminary and became a drug rehabilitation center until the late 1980s when it became completely abandoned. In 1995 a fire damaged the mansion which led to the demolition of it. The remaining Modernist architecture has been under the highest level of protection in Scotland since 1992. The buildings are still left in ruins, even though there are funds being raised to regenerate them.

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lovro, October 19th, 2018
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