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Serpentine Restaurant

London, United Kingdom
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The Serpentine Restaurant was a canopy-like building in Hyde Park which was dedicated to new private catering facilities. It was a part of a project which included two new restaurants in the same area of the park, the other one being Dell restaurant. It consisted of concrete terraces which provided panoramic views of a nearby pond as well as new spaces for service rooms underneath the structure. This type of design was Gwynne's main idea for the project because he wanted the building to be a shelter as well as an outlook. The key feature of the structure were glass pyramid-shaped roofs arranged across the terraces. Car park for the visitors was placed the way it didn't interfere with the design of the restaurant building and the views across the park. Gwynne designed furniture and interior as well. According to The Times Obituary, the restaurant was loved by many people. Serpentine Restaurants' original structure was then extended twice and completely demolished in 1990. The only reminder that remains is Dell Restaurant, which was listed Grade II, 5 years after Serpentine's demolition.

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lovro, October 13th, 2018
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