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Oil painting on canvas of Patrick Gwynne by Major Aubrey Claud Davidson-Houston.

Patrick Gwynne was an architect with Welsh roots born into a wealthy family. Even though his father thought Gwynne would become an accountant, he decided to attend Harrow school to study architecture. It was at that school where he got to know modernist architecture and became interested in it. He also met a founder of the Modern Architecture Research Group, Wells Coates. Gwynne worked in Coates's office for two years. There he designed a new modernist house for his parents, which replaced a Victorian house. Le Corbusier's and Mies van der Rohe's architecture inspired his design for the modernist house named the Homewood. Shortly after the Homewood was finished, he started serving in the Royal Air Force where he constructed airfields. After the second world war, Gwynne was mainly designing restaurants and private houses. He has designed two restaurants in Hyde Park in London and a restaurant in Theatre Royal in York. When designing houses for his clients he suggested furnishing and landscaping as well, to integrate all aspects of architecture. Gwynne's goal at the end of his career was to help National Trust gain more income. He has donated the Homewood to the Trust and tried to design a new house.

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ibex73, September 2nd, 2018
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