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Architects Co-Partnership (ACP)

ACP was established by recently graduated students of architecture. Their goal was to create an egalitarian practice with a different approach to Modern Architecture. One of the first generation's architects, Michael Grice, influenced the practice with a non-traditional way of designing architecture inspired by the headmaster of Stowe school. He as well gained experience in Sweden while working with the architect Erik Gunnar and in India serving with Royal Engineers. In 1954 Grice and his partner Leo de Syllas moved the office to Lagos because of the lack of work in the UK. In Nigeria, they designed hotels, schools and office blocks. After moving the office back to the UK, ACP worked mainly on higher education buildings. The group designed student residences at Bristol University. In the 1970s, ACP made plans for new projects in the Middle East. They worked on an abattoir at Khartoum, hospital proposals for Saudi Arabia and a hospital in Baghdad. Though none of the buildings was ever built. Grice was a consultant of ACP when other co-founders retired. In 1983 ACP became a limited liability company. They mostly take part in education, healthcare, military, government, residential and airport projects.

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lovro, August 29th, 2018
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