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Dorich House

London, United Kingdom
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A great hidden gem of London's Richmond area and neighbour to the Richmond Park, Dorich House for more than 60 years has been a private house and art studio for Dora Gordine, avantgarde Russian sculptor and artist. The entire house was designed by Gordine herself as a real machine combining multiple functions of artist attelier and private living apartments.

Home and living combined with professional artistic attelier was always Gordine's great case and luckily in the mids of 1930's she managed to put her visions into practice. The entire house is made out of red brick and consequently keeps consistent art-deco pattern with characteristic semi-circular windows and entrance portal.

Both ground floor and first floor are almost entirely devoted to Gordine's artistic profession and consists of two workshop studios with impressive sash windows as well as exhibition and showcase rooms. The second floor has Gordine's marriage private rooms which are a beautiful mix of XIX century classic with art-deco design. All works amazingly well and make the house an outstanding archievement of modern architecture. The whole is toped with flat roof which was designed as a terrace, providing a perfect place for afternoon tea with the view of not that distant Richmond Park.

After Gordine's death in 1991 the house was acquired and carefully restored by Kingston University. It currently hosts a public Museum devoted to Gordine's life and art. The Museum also holds the largest collection of Gordine's original works as well as fine examples of Russian paintings and decorative arts, all collected by Gordine and her husband. This is a must see for all Richmond hardcore fans and a great value for money attraction since the entrace fee is only 5 GBP.

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ibex73, May 26th, 2017
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