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House of Jonas Augevičius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Jono augeviciaus namas_Zemaiciu g 34 nuotrauka

This residential two-story building with an attic was commissioned by officer and doctor Jonas Augevicius. It stands on the corner plot at the intersection of Zemaiciu and P. Visinskio streets. The building was built in 1939 according to the design of civil technician Osvaldas Tylius. Its architecture is rational and modern. The facades have a simple appearance. An important feature is the curved and dynamic looking corner part with narrow window openings, which is higher than the rest of the volume. The side parts of the building have square window openings and are of stricter composition. Perhaps to enhance its dynamic appearance, the exterior is surrounded by small horizontal bands below and above the first-floor windows and relief lines between the upper windows. The rear facade is also of interesting and original appearance. It has columns supporting the balcony and canopy above it. The main entrance is also located here, which is highlighted by a small rectangular canopy and a section of the staircase, which is divided into small window openings. Due to such a dynamic and modern appearance, this building can be considered one of the more interesting buildings in this part of Kaunas.

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